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How Apple solved the biggest problem of aging businesses

No technology firm has solved the problem of aging—losing relevance. As a luxury brand, Apple is the first technology company to have a shot at multigenerational success.

Apple did not start as a luxury brand. It was the best house in a shitty neighborhood, tech hardware. A world of cables, geekware, acronyms, and low margins.

In the early days, Apple simply made a more intuitive computer than its competitors. Steve Jobs’s notions about elegant packaging only appealed to a minority of customers; it was Steve Wozniak’s architecture that drew the rest. Back then, the company appealed largely to consumers’ brains. Many early Apple lovers were geeks (which did nothing for its sex appeal). Apple, to its credit, gazed across the tracks at luxury town and thought: Why not? Why can’t we be the best house in the best neighborhood?

In the 1980s, the company declined. Machines running Microsoft Windows with Intel chips were faster and cheaper and began to win over the rational organ (the brain). Word and Excel became global standards. You could play most games on the Intel computers, not Apple’s. This was when Apple began its move down the torso, from the brain to the heart and genitals—and just in time: the company was destined to sink below 10 percent market share from over 90 percent.

Source: Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

The Apple Macintosh computer, launched in 1984, had attractive icons and a personalized look that appealed to the heart. A computer, it turned out, could be friendly. It talked—at its introduction the computer famously wrote “Hello” on its screen. Artists could express themselves on the Mac, create beauty, and change the world. Then the big breakthrough: desktop publishing. Adobe software was uniquely suited to the Mac’s precise, bitmapped display.

Owning an Apple, as embodied in the infamous “1984” commercial, reinforced our belief that Apple users were NOT another brick in the wall.16 The result was that I, and the employees of my startups, struggled through two decades of underpowered and overpriced products just so we could claim we were thinking differently.

But it wasn’t sexy. Most people back then didn’t go anywhere with their computers. They put them in computer rooms. And dragging a potential mate in there to show off some hardware wasn’t practical or romantic.

To become a true luxury item, the computer would need to shrink, learn new tricks, be more beautiful, and be in, near, or on your person to signal success to peers in public and private. The transformation began with the iPod, a glossy white block the size of a deck of cards that placed an entire music library in your pocket.

Among other mp3 players, all of them awkward gray, navy, and black, the iPod was also a technological miracle—5GB of memory vs. the second largest competitor, Toshiba’s 128MB. Apple searched the electronics industry to find a company willing to make a disk drive so tiny, almost jewel-like.

Eventually, Apple would drop “computer” from its corporate name in recognition that the concept of the computer was anchored in the past. The future would be about stuff, from music to phones, powered by computers. The customer could carry these branded products around, even wear them. Apple began its march toward luxury.

The 2015 debut of the Apple Watch closed the loop. Its introduction featured on stage a supermodel, Christy Turlington Burns. The cameras panned the audience for gratuitous cameos of famous people. And where did the company buy a seventeen‑page spread to celebrate the new arrival? Not in Computer World, or even Time magazine (as they once had with the Macintosh). No, it was in Vogue. And it featured Peter Belanger photos of the rose-gold version, which sells for $12,000. The transformation was complete. Apple had become the best house in the best neighborhood.

Source:  How Apple solved the biggest problem of aging businesses

Mac Data Recovery Software for Avoiding Digital Disasters

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Either you download a data recovery software of send your hard drive to experts

Mac Data RecoveryToday, many people store lots of useful and valuable information in their computers. It can be memorable photos, favorite songs, emails, or reports and projects needed for school or work. And because of the many important data stored in the computer’s hard drives, you wouldn’t want to do something to erase those files. But sometimes, it just can’t be helped as hard drives can crash, servers can fail, and laptops can be accidentally dropped. Read more [+]

Photo Recovery on OS X is Possible

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Office document files are always the important files in our computer especially for the office stuff. We take some measures to protect the import files from stolen by encryption, signature and so on. And most of people will back up their important documents. But still, some times we will lose our Word/Excel/PowerPoint files because of some mistakes like:how to get the lost files back Read more [+]

Instructions to Purchase the Best Mac Data Recovery Software

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Must-have Software for A New Windows OS PC

You’ve pulled that shiny new laptop or desktop running Windows 8 out of the box. Now what?

Windows usually comes festooned with what we lovingly call “shovel-ware”—a load of extra software shoveled onto the drives either by the PC manufacturer to help you, or worse, paid-for-placement programs you’ll never, ever use. The very first thing you should do is download and run The PC Decrapifier or SlimComputer Free; they’ll remove most of what you don’t need.

Then, immediately install some antivirus software. You can see our recommendation in the list, but here’s a hint: it rhymes with “Morton” and ends with “Antivirus.” Read more [+]

Mac Files Recovery Simplified

How to achieve complete or partial recovery and what software to use while doing soThe operating system of the Apple produced Mac is one of the most complicated and sophisticated software currently around. Its specific applications and software sometimes create confusion among novice users.

Many users either simply do not know how to operate the software effectively and efficiently or do not know about techniques that exist.

Due to this confusion, there is many critical and important data that is lost knowingly or unknowingly. This article focuses on the recovery of mac files. How to achieve complete or partial recovery and what software to use while doing so. Read more [+]

Factors to consider while choosing a Mac data recovery software

Similar to iphones, all around the world, Mac computer has also become very famous. It has user friendly features that were given by Mac OS X operating system. There are also unique software that are designed especially for this operating system. Among them, Mac data recovery software are more important to people. There are few Mac data recovery software which you can use to recover different file types.

By comparing the Mac data recovery software according to the file type and its recovery features, you can always get a better one.

Recovery is needed when you simply lose your data probably by deleting it permanently or by formatting your hard disks. When you delete a file, it will appear in the recycle bin. As many of us know, from the recycle bin, we can always get our file back if we need it. However, when you delete it from the recycle bin, you will not be able to recover your file again. Then you will need the help of a recovery software to get back your file again. Yet, depending on the software capacity, it may recover 100% or less than 100%. Therefore, below we have two main factors that you should check before choosing Mac data recovery software. Read more [+]

Features that you need to look for in a good Mac Data Recovery software

The best mac data recovery applicationWorking with computers have the ability to make your life easy. However, you will have to face frustrating instances when you lose some of the data files that you are working on. In that kind of a situation, you don’t need to panic about anything because mac files recovery applications are available to assist you. In fact, you will be able to find hundreds of such recovery applications that are compatible with Mac computers. However, all those applications are not in a position to deliver the best results to the users. Therefore, you need to look for several key features in a mac files recovery application before you spend your money to purchase it. Read more [+]