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Review for You-How to Choose the Best Photo Recovery Software

Why You Need the Media File Recovery Software?

help you in recovering media filesImagine that you just had a new baby or married your sweetheart and took hundreds of pictures/videos to remember the special day. Now imagine that all of those memories in the media files were lost due to a bad memory card, corrupted storage device or other problem. The outcome can be tragic, but with the use of photo recovery software-yes, photo recovery, don’t be confused of its name, not only photo but also the video and audio file can be got back by it-you can recover those precious memories. The best recovery software is able to scan a variety of different storage mediums and recover lost photos, videos and audio. It generally takes about 15-20 minutes to scan a drive, and once the scan is complete you will be able to see a preview of what the software was able to recover. The recovery process is not always 100% effective, but most photo recovery software is able to restore the bulk of your lost information.

If you desire more information on how software works on photo recovery process, make sure to check out our learning center articles on photo recovery software. These articles provide additional information that will make it even easier to determine the best software to recover deleted photos.

Photo Recovery Software: What to Look For

Not all photo recovery software is the same. Some are easy to use but take a long time to scan; other software is much faster and has more options but is not designed for the average user. So the real question is, what are the key features you will need to look for when purchasing photo recovery software? Below is the rating criteria we used to rate each product.


features of media file recovery softwarePhoto recovery software should be quite simple in terms of the amount of features needed to get the job done. To ensure that you get the best and most secure scan possible, a top application will include a file filter and the ability to create an image or backup of the drive. Since scanning your memory card, USB drive or other storage device can take some time, it is also good to look for photo recovery software that has a save and resume scan later option. Many of the high-end applications will also include advanced scan options to filter out specific sectors of the drive and scan for additional file types.

Ease of Use

Any good software will have well-labeled buttons, an intuitive user interface and additional tools to make recovering your lost photos easy. Most photo recovery software uses a simple wizard which will take you step by step through the recovery process. Many of the leading applications will have tutorials or helpful hints and tips to help you better understand how the software works.

Recovery Effectiveness & Scan Speed

Since not all photo recovery programs use the same means of recovering your software it is always a good idea to figure out which ones are able to recover the most possible. Some applications are only able to recover a handful of the major file types, while others are able to recover almost every type of image file on the market. Be sure to identify which file types the software is able to recover so you don’t end up with a product that can’t recover the specific files you’ve lost.

how to choose the media file recovery software

Help & Support

Anyone who has used a computer knows that not all software works as it should, and sometimes we just don’t know how to get things working. Any good company will provide a variety of ways for their customers to get in touch with a tech expert or find answers to simple questions. Most software developers will also include a help option within the program that will help you understand specific features. Being able to get in contact with the company is not just an extra feature, but is a must when you’re looking for a quality product.


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