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The Simple Introduction for Mac Video, Photo and Audio Software for User

Hi everyone there. As a Mac user, I think you also have the same experience that there are lots of good Mac software which can bring the fun and happiness to us in our daily lives. So in this site I would like to share the software which I like to use most on my Mac. Now let’s begin the first step, the software for fun.

VideoPad Free

mac video softwareUsers who lacks of or do not like using the editing program that comes with their Mac need additional options for working with their videos. VideoPad Free Video Editing Software for Mac works well for basic editing and has many features that would be expected from advanced programs.

Installation of VideoPad Free Video Editing Software for Mac requires the acceptance of a detailed user agreement. During startup, the user sees a list of additional programs they can install if they choose. A Web browser toolbar is the only one that is highlighted by default, so users should pay attention before moving past this menu. After this is dismissed, the program offers the user the option of watching tutorial videos on the developer’s Web site, which is a welcome feature. Those familiar with other video editing programs will understand the program’s main menus, which allow the selection of files for importing. Users can also record video straight into the application. Videos load quickly, and users can then select portions for editing as well as add audio files and subtitles if needed. Completed videos can then be exported to disc or file, or uploaded to the Internet depending on the user’s needs. The only problem we encountered during testing involved working with the QuickTime video format, which imported as an audio file without video.

VideoPad Free Video Editing Software for Mac performs all of the functions expected of a video editor well, making it a good option for download. This program is recommended to users looking for an alternative to programs like iMovie.


mac photo softwareLyn is a very versatile photo manager that works the way you want to work. If you’re coming from iPhoto, it can read your iPhoto library as-is. If you just want an app for viewing a folder structure currently on your drive, Lyn can handle that as well. However you want to manage your photos, it can adapt. Additionally, it can handle pretty much any type of image you through at it. The app, overall, is very versatile. When you want to put your images elsewhere, it also integrates very well with online services like Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa so you can easily share your images. On top of all of that, Lyn is very fast at loading image previews. That is exceptionally helpful for people with large collections.

There isn’t much to complain about with Lyn. It manages your photos, works quickly, and integrates with likely every online service you’d want to use. What you don’t get, however, is some of the special features you’ll find in applications like iPhoto. Lyn doesn’t provide facial recognition or organize using Apple’s “event” structure. You also can’t order books, cards, and other products directly from the app. If you really care about those things, you’re probably already happy with iPhoto. If not, you should be using Lyn.

Boom for Mac

mac audio softwareBoom is an app designed to let you adjust the output stream of a Mac, adjusting the equalization and volume. Available from the App Store for $6.99, Boom installs easily. (Yes it needs to be paid, but this software is awesome!)

Boom consists of a graphic equalizer, which allows you to adjust specific frequencies of an audio stream, as well as a volume control, both to better control the output from your Mac’s audio outputs. Boom can work with any players (video and audio) including iTunes, or you can drag-and-drop audio or video files on the Boom interface. While most users will use Boom to adjust the volume of the output, allowing audio to be normalized to remove volume differences in several files, Boom also allows you to compensate for missing bass, too much high-frequency boost, and other equalizations that make your audio sound better to you. A graphical display lets you see the changes you are making. The Boom interface is easy to use and attractive.

We used Boom on standard audio and video files from iTunes and Netflix, as well as in apps like Skype and other IM products, and it let us do a number of useful tasks. We could boost the volume and frequencies over Skype so the audio stream was clearer, for example, and we could easily tone down booming bass bloat on some audio files. Boom never got in the way of our listening or using, and at least at the time of this writing, we know of no other app that works like Boom.

Here are the 3 software I want to share with all of you who sit in front of your Mac. If

you also have the fantastic software, just share it on this site!

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